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Experience - Vision - Integrity - Dedication - Hard Work
The Five Key Elements Making Bob Tucker & Associates the #1 Choice to Achieve Success

Experience For 42 years Bob Tucker has the experience of over 2700 auctions in twenty-one states. Bob Tucker is a leader in directing the auction industry into what it is today. Grossing over $380,000,000 in sales from land, timber, equipment, commercial and residential real estate from river frontage to beach frontage to street frontage is the reason Bob Tucker & Associates is never ignored when it is time to sell.
Vision "Experience without vision is fruit ungathered". When Bob Tucker & Associates approach land or real estate, it is done with the eye toward the market and the mind toward the buyer. Once the decision is reached to proceed to the marketplace, Bob Tucker & Associates are the best at selecting the centerpiece and enhancing the perimeter. Clients of Bob Tucker & Associates achieve success because more is seen than the "Sum of the parts".

Bob and his wife, Loraine, have raised four children and have nine grandchildren. This team is driven by values they truly believe..."what is good for the seller is good for the buyer and that is good for us..;." and they have never looked backward from that belief.

Bob confirms, "Integrity is the single thought on my mind when I sit down to talk with a future client and when I am up on the auction stand. We are devoted to honesty, openness and disclosure, this is why I believe we have been so successful for so many years."

Dedication Since graduating from the Superior School of Auctioneering in Decatur, Ill. and the Georgia Institute of Real Estate in the mid 60's, Bob has served as President and Board Member of the Georgia Auctioneer's Association. His peers selected him Georgia's Auctioneer of the Year in 1989 and he was inducted into the Georgia Auctioneer's Hall of Fame in 1995. Tucker is aggressive when it comes to business.
Hard Work Attention to details is a lot like does not determine the quality of the package, but everyone notices the difference without it. From signage, quality print media, to having one of Bob Tucker & Associates professional on location days before the sale event, to making telephone calls to countless contacts pays dividends and does not go unrewarded.

Corporate Officers

Robert S. Tucker Jr.
Loraine F. Tucker

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